2019 Americas Online Semifinals

2019 Americas Online Semifinals


有效日期 (GMT):
週一, 1 十月 2018 23:59 - 週日, 31 三月 2019 23:59

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Online Competition

The next big thing could come from you. Facebook and Twitter started as student projects. Your ideas could be next. The Imagine Cup is here to help you take the first steps. It's a global contest for the most original student applications.

Incredible, world-changing software innovations often come from students. Social networks, music services, photo apps, games, gadgets and robotics – the list goes on. We’re looking for the next big thing and we know students like you are going to make it. Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s premier international competition for young developers, is your chance to show off your biggest, boldest software solution.

This competition is the doorway to your success. If you can win here, you can win anywhere. If you’ve got a great idea, assemble a great team and work hard to bring that idea to life. Your project could be on devices all over the world, changing lives and giving people the thrill of seeing the future come to life right before their eyes.

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Students 16 and older at a school or university


Up to 3 competitors


Submissions close on March 9, 2019


Winning teams advance to Round 2 in USA




Project title, description, proposal, software, software instructions, and a presentation video