2020 Imagine Cup Americas Regional Competition

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Winner $8,000
United States
Winner $8,000
Tremor Vision
United States
Runner-up $2,500
Pink AI
United States
Runner-up $2,500
Runner-up $2,500
United States

Americas Regional Finalists

Every year, students create inspiring tech projects that tackle some of the world's biggest social, environmental, and health challenges. We’re looking for the next big thing and we know students like you are going to make it. Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s premier international competition for young developers, is your chance to show off your biggest, boldest solution.

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Logo of We Are One



W.A.O. (We Are One): W.A.O. is a multiplatform app for translating sign language into text (in real time), and facilitate communication with hearing-impaired people.

Photo montage of team Deeptector


United States

Deeptector.io: Deeptector.io is an intelligent tool using state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to detect "deepfake" videos.

A photo montage of team Intivity



Like Bee: Caring Together: Using artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT), and big data to improve recyclable waste collection, Like Bee engages people by boosting recycling-reinforcement campaigns. Like Bee is sponsored by companies who receive advertising in return.

A screenshot from Pink AI's presentation

Pink AI

United States

Pink AI: Pink AI is a web platform that uses a deep learning model to provide accurate, efficient, and affordable detection on four different types of breast cancer. Pink AI provides results in 10-seconds with 99% accuracy.

Photos of team Smart Wheelchair

Smart Wheelchair

United States

Smart Wheelchair: Smart Wheelchair is a next-level electric wheelchair with 10+ unique features at a reduced cost.

Photo montage of the SmartDoor members



Voiceprint Recognition Door Access System: SmartDoor is a passcode dependent voiceprint recognition device that allows people with disabilities to comfortably and securely access doors.

Group photo of team SnapSort!


United States

SnapSort! AI Trash Sorting Assistant: SnapSort! is an intelligent, real-time trash sorting assistant that uses computer vision and machine learning. It offers a better user experience in waste sorting existing products cannot provide.

Screenshot of a member of Synbiolic



Synbiolic: Synbiolic is an AI drug discovery platform consisting of two main components: generating novel molecules and creating retrosynthesis pathways to synthesize generated molecules.

Photos of team Tremor Vision

Tremor Vision

United States

Tremor Vision: We developed a web-based tool using Azure Custom Vision to assist physicians in detecting early onset Parkinson's disease. Tremor Vision quantitatively tracks a patient's progress throughout a prescribed treatment plan.

Group photo of team TuringCerts


United States

TuringCerts: TuringCerts is a privacy-first certificate validation solution using blockchain. TuringCerts guarantees the integrity of records and makes verifying and transferring much more efficient than the conventional hiring process.

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Regional Final Prizes

The teams that advance to the Regional Final will compete for the following:

  • The top two teams will win USD8,000 cash, Azure credits, a trip to Seattle, and a spot in the World Championship.
  • The three runner-up teams from each Regional Final win USD2,500 cash and Azure credits.

World Championship Prizing

The two top teams from the Regional Finals will advance to the World Championship in Seattle (date to be announced) and compete for the grand prize of USD100,000 cash, USD50,000 Azure credits, and a mentoring session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Important Dates

February 21
Regional Finalists selected

March 30
Regional Finals - Virtual Event

May 19
World Championship, Seattle, USA


Headshot of Sage Franch

Sage Franch
Co-Founder and CEO, Crescendo D&I

Sage Franch is a founder, a mom, and a technologist. As CEO and co-founder of Crescendo, she lead an amazing team that builds software to make workplaces more inclusive. Sage believes in a future where our differences make us thrive, and believes that we can all play a part in making that come to life. She is also a previous Microsoft Student Partner and Imagine Cup competitor!

Headshot of Danielle Monteiro

Danielle Monteiro
CEO, WDB Consulting (Regional Director)

Danielle Monteiro is a master in computer engineering, TEDx speaker, LinkedIn learning instructor, Microsoft MVP and RD, MongoDB female innovator, winner of the MongoDB Willian Zola award, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, columnist for the iMasters portal, and host of the AltoVolume podcast.

Headshot of Margaret Price

Margaret Price
Principal Design Strategist, Microsoft

Margaret explores the intersection between culture, philosophy, humanity, education, and technology. Margaret’s work in Inclusive Design (a method for embracing diversity as a source for innovation) at Microsoft has been nominated as a FastCO World Changing Idea and was featured in the Smithsonian – Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. As a leader in organizational change and product innovation Margaret spent five years working to change ‘how’ Microsoft products are made to ensure equity for the widest number of people.

Headshot of Jennifer Ritzinger

Jennifer Ritzinger
General Manager, Audience Evangelism, Microsoft

Jennifer leads a team responsible for Microsoft’s technical events for IT Professionals and Developers, including leading the global strategy for student developer evangelism at Microsoft headquarters, helping to guide the world’s students to learn valuable programming concepts and skills for their futures. She is also a co-host of the Women in Technology and Countdown Shows, showcasing stories of diversity in IT and behind the scenes of some of Microsoft’s largest conferences.

Headshot of Samantha Villareal Torres

Samantha Villareal Torres
Founder and CEO, Sworknet

Samantha is the CEO and founder of Sworknet, as well as a Microsoft MVP for Office Server and Services since 2015. She belongs to a group of less than 60 women in the world with an award in this category, specializing in Office365, and has 12 years of experience in ICT, including in management and leadership, administration, and marketing along with teaching Bachelor and Master-level programs.


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