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Inspiration The brain is a powerful thing. It has the ability to make complex calculations in microseconds, and to remember events in exquisite detail, but still we as humans forget things all the time. This is because we need to format the things we wish to remember in a way that our brain can remember easily. In the same way that emotions and images help people to remember events in their lives, Sherlock’s Palace will help you remember information through the power of mental association in a VR environment. What it does Sherlock’s Palace is a VR environment that is autogenerated based on content you provide. You give the palace a some text that you wish to memorize (maybe a speech or a peom), and Sherlock’s palace will auto generate a 3D environment that you can use to help remember your information. Based on the text provided, the palace constructs a series of Rooms that each contain unique images and shapes connected a specific part of the text you are trying to memorize. For example, if you wanted to memorize sir Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death” speech, the palace might generate a room based off the first line “No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism...” that contained some images of skyscrapers , brains, or american flags (highly, think, patriotism). Whereas in the last line of the speech “Give me Liberty, or Give me death” you may encounter a picutre of the statue of liberty accompanied by the grim reaper. These images, shapes, and the text that generated them found in each room will help you to be able to remember the speech or poem in its own seperate parts. And put those parts together with a mental map of the route you walked and what you experienced inside the VR environment.

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Met at DubHacks and won the Azure award!

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