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Project Overview

In our project, we built a muon detection device. The device will be able to detect the presence of muon particles in the Earth's biosphere. Muons are created when cosmic rays strike the Earth's atmosphere. The impact of the collision will make the cosmic rays split into many subatomic particles, including protons. These protons undergo high-velocity collisions to create pions which will decay into muons that travel at about the speed of light. Every day without knowing we are bombarded with these particles, and the effects of cosmic rays on humans are poorly known. The NASA Space Radiation Laboratory is currently studying the effects on living organisms, and protective shielding against them. Throughout your lifetime, approximately 100 sextillions (10^23) will course through your body.

About Team

We are on the school robotics team Ironclad 8080, Vedant is the team's lead programmer and Moneer is our lead builder. We work together to build a robot that is capable of completing very specific objectives. We spend countless hours in school working. Sometimes we stay as late as 9 or 10 pm on school days! In what little free time we have with our several AP classes and the immense amount of time we dedicate to robotics, we're watching Netflix or playing video games. If the opportunity presents itself, we're out with our friends and enjoying our time with them.

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