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takin the 'net by storm. jackin up Bitcoin. distributing the wealth, as well as the knowledge. world's secrets ain't safe & when it comes to prestigious gameplay followed by some clutch finishing moves -- anything we touch with resolves with PWnAGe out the wazoo. see you on Black Ops 3 for the 360. XBLIVE; here we come.

About Team

We just some #YOLO Pack a Punched 4 Life TuRNt savages, gettin LiT at all kindsa ungodly hours both day & nite. _______________________________________________ We might just be in your area, hackin, ready to run SecurityCheck on all the haters, trolls, script kiddies, or noobs foolish enough to cross us/standin the way, or look funny as we flyin by loaded. Might be in your phones, on ur networks, or jacked in straight via computer waiting for the right moment to Post 'n Upload ALL the good $DATA.. --THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT--

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