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Project Overview

The project is a design based off of a disc designs, one aerial and the other nautical. The nautical Design of the water bound device is to act as a cleaner for ocean currents and trash zones. the design can be segmented and or start with a solid top and bottom snap frame to enable ease of maintenance and or part replacement, if segmented each segmented unit will house the filters responsible for sucking up debris and filtering toxic chemicals out of the water, that is then taken to on coastal recycling and water treatment plants. the vessel is designed with both submersible and surface capabilities with the outer shell covered in solar panels to provide a starting constant power source. The vessel can be manned (Recommended) and unmanned depending on the situation. Rescue and defensive capabilities are being looked at, for now the ship is to remain a sea scrubber with its own designated repair bay which serves as the drop off point for its cargo. The seconded Device, will start off in the drone sector, based heavily on the first device and loosely based on the concept of disc drones, VTOL'S, Moller International's "FireFly", and the countless VTOL test conducted by NASA. all in part reworked and rewired into the disc shaped design to give the vessel lift into the air. This will be done according the concepts of compress lift, as in a large powerful fan sucks in air and design of the drone at the time will redirect the Air-current allowing it to achieve lift and aerial mobiliity

About Team

For now, the team is of one, me, but with a project like this i do seek help, such a project is not meant to be taken alone, and thus i seek the help of other like minded individuals with this Project. The Plan is relatively simple already as i have a design in mind, and in current progress in Blender ( a CAD program). As a Team everyone will play a role into the finalization and output of the Vessels (later) and Drones. Team work is very much needed as every i have designed the devices lucid levels of detail and to work off of one another which allows for a flowing and constant work pace. Thanks to this setup, mistakes can be easily corrected. The final outcome, is a device, or even a vessel, that is designed with safety and the protection of our planets air and waters, which i know is a long shot, at least i'm willing to shoot where no one else will.

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